About Us

Construction workers

Rehal Planning has over 18 years’ experience in providing you with planning and application services in London and the surrounding areas. We have 100% success record in providing property needs. The first stage of any building project is to ensure that all planning requirements are satisfied. Our London professionals will draw up the initial concept plans to show exactly what you propose to do with your property. After completing the concept drawings we will discuss the proposals with the local planning authority to determine what planning approvals will be required and then make the planning application for you (if your particular project requires planning permission).

The build stage of any project will only run efficiently if the contractor has a good set of plans, therefore, we contract to or refer our clients to architectural professionals who we know and trust.

man at workWe aim at reaching the perfect balance between design, practicality and budget. We can transform your property by adding value to them and working in line with the requirements of a modern lifestyle.

Our architecture is grounded in the practicalities of building use, locality and method of construction, and our design approach is driven by the desire to deliver buildings which are as functionally efficient, sustainable and visually compelling in an environment where preconceptions do not limit innovation and creativity and where creativity is transformed into reality of everyday life.